Who are we?

Choc ‘n Choc is the dream of two friends extremely passionate about chocolate and travelling.

We combine two of the things we love the most in the development of this idea! 

Niklas, a German dude with an unlimited amount of energy and Cielo, an Argentinian girl with a lot of Latin passion.

United by the same values and aspirations: the dream of becoming entrepreneurs, daring to get out of our comfort zones and invite others to do the same, and the passion for the story behind the food and drinks we share. Playing our small part on the right side of the unequal chocolate world.

Together we have combined experience of more than 12 years working in chocolate innovation and manufacturing for some of the “giants” in the business (probably you have tried some of their chocolate already! 🙂). So we joined our passion for chocolate with our excitement for travelling that never left us! Our motto is to invite people to enjoy a different chocolate experience and let themselves be surprised, whilst having fun along the way.